Why us

Find out why over 8 out 10 members of Big Host Africa accounts are referred by existing customers. Web hosting is more than just providing disk space and Big Host Africa is more than your typical web host. We believe in embracing technology and using it to make life better and easier to achieve more. We love what we do.

We are specific, detailed and precise.  We are driven by our motto: “The client is always right”. We give the client exactly what they need at an affordable price and at a reasonable project completion time.  At Big Host Africa we believe in a high standard of professional conduct and ethics. At all times, we act in the best interest of our clients and hold confidential all information obtained from clients’ projects. We endeavour to develop long-term relationships with our clients. This, together with the application of independence of thought and technical acumen provides opportunity for innovative and quality solutions.

Research: We have worked with and successfully implemented systems working on the latest mobile operating system (Windows Mobile 6) on PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). These applications transmit and synchronise data online from the server via use of our rapidly growing mobile network or offline via use of the remote Citrix application.

Responsive 24/7 Technical support

With an average response time of less than 30 minutes, Big Host Africa technical support team understands the importance of a web developer’s time. Fast and accurate support is one of the top reasons customers make the switch to Big Host Africa.

Business Stability and Industry Experience

Big Host Africa was founded in 2002. our stable foundation and steady growth allowed us to stay in business while many companies struggled. our experience has kept us in tune with the needs of our customers and allowed us to anticipate changes in the industry.

Honesty and Realistic business practice

Years after our establishment, we still adhere to the solid values that set us apart from day one. these ideals dictate everything from principle business dealings to the way a customer service representative handles request.

99.9% Server uptime guarantee

Well-maintained equipment and an experienced server administration team keep our servers up and your data accessible around the clock. confirmed by our sophisticated server monitoring systems, our 99.98% server uptime is unrivaled in the industry.

Ultra-fast connections & Servers

Our network operations center boasts 2 oc-3’s with 2 levels of redundancy. when at&t’s network reaches its fullest capacity-trillions of bits per second-it could transmit the entire contents of the library of congress coast to coast in 20 seconds.

Customer Retention and Royalty

Over 70% of our customers have been with us for over a year. some have even been with us since we opened our doors in 2000. they know that once you become a customer, we will continue to provide the same level of expertise and support that have made us a leader in the hosting industry.

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