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The information below will help you decide whats the right domain name for you.

Importance of a Domain Name

There are a number of good reasons for having a domain name:

  • If you ever change your web host, your domain name goes with you. Your regular visitors or customers who knew your site name as (for example) would not have to be informed about a change of URL. They would simply type your domain name and they’d be brought to your new site.
  • If you are a business, a domain name gives you credibility. Few people would be willing to do business with a company with a dubious URL like
  • If you get a domain name that describes your company’s business or name, people can remember the name easily and can return to your site without having to consult their documents. In fact, if you get a good name that describes your product or service, you might even get people who were trying their luck by typing “” in their browser.
  • If you want good sponsors (advertisers) for your website, a domain name is usually helpful. It tends to give your website an aura of respectibility.

How to choose a good domain name

To help your website and business flourish, pick a domain name that:

  1. is easy for Web users to remember and find
  2. suggests the nature of your product or service
  3. serves as a strong trademark so competitors won’t be able to use a business name or domain name similar to it, and is free of legal conflicts with trademarks belonging to other businesses.

What makes a good domain name?

  1. Good extension – If a person is surfing around looking for a site, and they know its name, most people will try .com. So, for the web site owner who wants their site to be found, the rule is: if at all possible, get a .com name.
  2. Short – Less than 7 characters, ideally. A simple name will roll off the tongue more easily in conversation, look more professional, and have less chance of being mis-typed.
  3. Easy to spell – Make sure it passes the phone test: if you were to say the domain name of your website to a friend over the phone, would your friend be able to spell it correctly the first time without your having to spell it for them? If not, you’ve failed the phone test and should likely try a different domain name. Also, be careful about double letters. Take CyberRodeo, for example. Their domain uses a double R, as you might expect, but there is an uncertainty there. The two R’s together look a bit strange if written without capitalization, and a good name will not force the user to assume anything about the name. If you must have a double letter, the best solution is to buy both versions of the domain. Avoid using dashes in your domain name.
  4. Descriptive – A good site or business name will describe exactly what the site is about. In most cases it’s important for a person to be able to get some sort of sense what the website is about just by reading the domain name. Of course that logic doesn’t work for sites like ebay, amazon, ivillage, etc, but then again you likely don’t have a multi-million dollar budget to help you brand your name and teach people what it means.
  5. Keywords – Include descriptive keywords that describe your business, product or mission in your domain name. This will play a very small part, in some cases, in increasing your search engine ranking for search phrases that include the keywords used in your domain name.

Domain Name Extensions

Domain names are typically categorized by their extension, which is their identifying code. The three most popular types of Top Level Domains (TLDs), which are domains that are not associated with a country, are:

  • .COM: Short for .commercial. Domain names with the .com extension are by far the most popular, and can be purchased by any individual or business.
  • .NET: Short for .network, this domain extension was originally designed to be used by technical Web sites. However, domains using this extension can be registered by anyone.
  • .ORG: Short for .organization. Originally designated for non-profit firms and any other organizations that did not fit under the .com or .net extension, any individual or business may now register a .org domain name.

Country Level Domain Name Extensions

Domain names can also be assigned using country extensions. Each country has its own domain extension; Kenya, for example, is .ke, while Tanzania has been assigned .tz. Most countries have specific rules surrounding exactly who can register domains using their extension and for what purpose; it’s therefore important to look before you leap.

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