Web Applications/CMS

We enable individuals and businesses to acquire and create their unique identities and brands on the internet by offering domain registration, web hosting, web design, SSL certificates and complimentary products and services.

In creating your website we will use valid CSS based layout and use Ajax where necessary. We do Search Engine Optimization as a standard to all our websites.

We believe in creating custom, simple, beautiful and effective sites that will get the job done and create a lasting impression. The website should load content within the first 15 seconds. Total load time for a heavy site should not exceed 40 Seconds.

We have different solution to meet different kind of websites as shown below:-

Static website (Deprecated)

This kind of website involves creating individual and independent  XHTML files with links and images. They are very hard to maintain and suitable for individuals and very small companies who want to display their catalog online and with limited budget. A website like this can cost from   200.00 USD.

Custom Content Management System (cCMS)

This is a more advanced website. It is very simple to maintain but a bit expensive to implement. It involves listening to your needs and creating a database with a custom backed  functions. The client will see in realtime changes made by authorised administrators. The layout is separated from the content that makes it very easy to change the look and feel of the site from time to time. Content can be added, deleted or updated online and changes reflected online immediately.

An example of this would be a football website which has got content, table/standings, match report, fixtures, videos,  player profile, photo gallery and more. This function will be created to make it easier to update the website with just simple forms that doen’t require prior knowledge in HTML. http://thikaunited.com has a custom CMS.

The cost depend on complexity of the different functions involved and can vary from simple CMS to complex CMS. The cost normally starts from 600.00 USD

Opensource Content Management Systems

Blog and blog sites

We are very experienced in creating weblog otherwise known as Blog. We install and create a custom layout other wise known as themes to put you unique stamp on the internet. Our themes are easy to use and search engine friendly and widget ready. We also create and install different plugins to enhance blog functions and user experience. We use popular wordpress

Drupal CMS

We also install and customize Drupal. This is an advanced CMS for those who need very complex sites. Its an open source software with active community and many modules. It loads very fast and very customizable.

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